Welcome to ski-slopes.uk, the list of ski slopes in the UK

With the success of British skiers and snowboarders at World and Olympic level, there's more people than ever wanting to try snow-sports out for themselves.

There are more than 50 slopes across the UK, including six snow-domes and three 'infinite' rolling slopes — you'll be surprised how easy it is to give snow-sports a go!

To find slopes near you, either browse the map or use the search to get a list of slopes.

What do I need?

You'll need to wear clothing that covers your arms and legs (a long-sleeved t-shirt and track bottoms is ideal) and wear gloves. If you're going to a snow-dome you'll want to wrap up warm, and if you're outside dress ready for the weather!

Slopes will usually be able to provide boots, skis and poles (or snowboards), and this is normally included in the cost. Most slopes will also require you to wear a helmet, but may be able to provide them if you don't have your own (check in advance!).